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top clothing manufacturers and suppliers in Bangladesh

Imfara Exports is one of the top clothing manufacturers and exporters in Bangladesh. It is actively producing & sourcing with an extensive global network of factories, suppliers, and manufacturers around the world. Imfara Exports has enjoyed alliances and long-term relationships with many reputable large organizations, purchasing products in large quantities and high frequency, liquidating, inventories, and supplying high-quality goods to native and international clients.

Imfara Exports has vast experience in import and export transactions, logistics, warehousing, and distribution. Imfara Exports offers consulting and advisory services and inventory valuations. Its sound financial strength and long-established reputation to successfully execute difficult projects make it a sought-after manufacturing & trading partner for many companies.

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Imfara Exports offers a shorter chain between customers and local production units in Asia, an approach that is specific to each customer’s needs. Also the company offers its services as a single point of contact to manage the production of garments in Bangladesh.

All Services

  • Selection of the most appropriate manufacturer that match customer requirements for quality, quantity, cost and compliance
  • Production planning
  • Continuous follow-up that production is following the plan for quality and delivery
  • Submissions of samples (SMS, Fit- P.P. and S/S-sample)
  • To secure the required quality, our quality departments follow the production process and we provide, for instance, lab-tests for fabrics and chemicals
  • Ongoing communication with the customer about the whole process
  • Delivery monitoring, including shipping
  • Customs clearance
  • Reloading

Additional Services

  • The creative part includes the presentation of trend boards and sample collections for every season
  • We design both on demand and present our customers with new sample collections of their own designs.
  • Pattern construction
  • Measurement lists
  • Instructions for color and accessories


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We offer various kinds of creative services
Our aim is timely & accurate communication.
We have the highest focus in this area
A professional, smooth, and accurate logistics
Design Development


Every season We do scout the market each season for the latest styles & qualities. Our research and development team has good knowledge of fashion trend forecasting and customer analysis. To make sure that you get the most modern products, they continuously educate our partner factories in new innovation & production techniques.

We offer various kinds of creative services, from complimentary consultation to complete creation processes. Tell us about your idea, visit our showrooms for inspiration, or request a run-through of the latest yarns, washes, or knitting adding a new dimension to your design.

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At the time of order placement, we select production units that fit the customer’s quality level, cost, delivery dates, and compliance demands. For production planning and order follow-up we have installed a software program for the TNA (time and action plan), which means merchandisers and management can follow every stage of production and apprehend problems before they arise. Our aim is timely & accurate communication to ensure smooth execution and timely delivery. The mantra for our merchandising teams is follow-up follow-up follow-up.

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We know that quality is of utmost importance to our clients, therefore we have the highest focus in this area. After the start of production, quality control, in-line inspections, and final inspections are monitored by our professional teams of Merchandisers, Technicians, and Quality Assurance, to ensure that the product quality is maintained and to the full satisfaction of our customers. Quality assurance includes all aspects of the garment including fit, tailoring, and color strength as well as CSR, chemical, and environmental aspects.

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Distribution Logistics


The logistics department takes over where the production departments’ work is completed, the logistics department has long experience in ensuring efficient transports and has extensive knowledge of the documentation necessary to ensure smooth customs clearance. Because our customers purchase under different delivery conditions the logistics departments’ responsibilities differ from case to case. A professional, smooth, and accurate logistics process is essential for timely delivery.

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We handle a wide range of fashion products:

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A one stop solution for production in Bangladesh

Imfara Exports (Top clothing manufacturers and sourcing house in Bangladesh) and its local partners have under many years worked with and evaluated local factories that have included the quality, capabilities, flexibility, and effectiveness of production, compliance with the code of conduct, and environmental aspects, the timeliness of delivery and pricing of their products. The factories that have been able to live up to the company’s requirements have become co-operation partner factories that have given it long-term relationships with stability and security and with the right profile for the company’s customers.

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